Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All the terms and conditions of the website must be followed by a user. One a user register themselves in our website by filling their privy information with, privacy policy and user agreement becomes effective as they have to accept the terms and conditions of the company while registering.

The following is the list of details gathering techniques the site uses as their privacy policy:

Personal Information:

Our Search Engine Journal website gathers all your personal information in order to customize their viewers browsing experiences. All the possible assurance are applied to keep the personal information classified. will never disclose any personal details to any third party without the user’s permission. While certain general details may be disclosed to some outside parties. Your personal details can be used by for their marketing strategies as well as promotional hard work and to make the website a better one. However, we will never ask for your login details like user ID as well as passwords.

  • Cookies:

IP address and some certain details may be tracked in the form of cookies. However the user can always accept or decline this particular policy by changing their browser preferences.

  • Site Usages:

Providing personal details (User ID and Password) are always up to the user’s preferences. The user must be very responsible while maintaining their login ID and password, and we will not be responsible for the loss.

  • External Links:

Our site may contain some links to external sites, and the website is not culpable for the privacy contents of that particular external site.

  • Advertisements:

We may have some AD’s posted on our website by some external AD companies which may contain cookies. We do not have the admittance to those statistics.

  • Contact:

We are always here to sort out your problems in respect of the privacy policy and user agreement of the site.

Visitors can ask out their queries from us via using the below given comment box. As well as by sending your queries to