About Us

Welcome to Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal provides the very best content for web entrepreneurs. With over 400 blog posts, 7 educational courses, we have determined millions of people all around the world.

Founded by Sunil Sharma in 2019, the company started originally as a SEO Digital Marketing Content.

Located in Jaipur, India, the company’s main focus is to make the web more awesome.

Here’s some of what we have accomplished so far:

Since Launching The Search Engine Journal

  • searchenginejournal.in has been a trending topic on Twitter!
  • searchenginejournal.in have all received millions of visitors.
  • Some of the worlds most successful companies have approached us to work with them, including, MTV, Ralph Lauren & DELL.
  • Our sites have been featured in New York Times, Yahoo News, AOL, MSN Money, Daily Mail, PC World, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Y Combinator, Reddit homepage and the list goes on.

How You Can Contribute To Search Engine Journal

We feel it’s important that we do the best that we can do and collaborate where possible. If you help us, we will let you pick one of our products and we will give it to you for free!

Write For Us

Content is what makes a website great! If you are an expert at anything to do with: Creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online, we would love to pay you to write for us. If you have any suggestions for our writing team, feel free to contact us.

Report Bugs, Errors, Spelling Mistakes and 404 Pages

We are committed to constantly improving. Feel free to report anything you see and I will take a look and fix it.

Updating and Improving Our Rich List

The rich list “100 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs In The World“, is a part of the site that we always want to be improving. You can contribute in many ways, by

  • Keeping us up to date on each persons networth
  • Emailing us when you know of someone else that could be on our list
  • Helping us improve the information we already have
  • Contributing articles written about the people featured on the list

Who should we interview next?

We are always looking for more people to interview for our success story series. Know someone that would be make a great interviewee? Email us some info on them and we will take a look. If we like them, we will do our best to make it happen.