7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

It was on Wed evening, Feb fourth, once Twitter created associate degree agreement with Google to form its 140-character tweets a lot of searchable on-line.
Afterwards, on could nineteenth, Google was formally given full access to Twitter’s full stream of tweets, usually referred to as “Firehose.”

This wasn’t the primary deal between the 2 firms, thus everyone was curious on however it absolutely was aiming to dissent from the previous one.
Twitter business executive, Dick Costolo, explained in short that the most plan of the present agreement was to convert those who aren’t logged-into Twitter a lot of effectively.

Sharing “Firehose” is helpful for all searchers because it may be a distinctive thanks to get news very quickly.
Plus, the period feedback that shows up within the SERPs is a tremendous bonus for all of us!
Above all, the deal verified to be useful for Twitter itself as a result of it’s “…increased the quantity of logged-out users coming back to its website by 10-fold, apparently raising the
number from seven.5 million per month to the present seventy five million per month.”

Since the deal has been live for variety of weeks, Google is presently classification 466% a lot of tweets than in February:

7 Twitter SEO Tips: Leverage Your Social Presence For Better Traffic In 2019

However, the Google doesn’t index all of the tweets that come on twitter:

Google remains selective and prioritizes what to index and places the foremost price on social authority and follower count.
Since most dear tweets are currently findable on Google, a well-optimized presence on Twitter takes on a replacement, a lot of important that means, and that’s the subject we have a tendency to are planning to
discuss within this article.
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7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

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What Twitter SEO tips do you have to apply to your Marketing?

These few straightforward tricks ar about to increase the possibility of your account showing within the Google & Twitter Search:

#1 The art of using Keywords

Try to maintain consistent communication and embody similar keywords you employ on your web site.
Remember that hashtags play the role of keywords for Twitter; they improve your searchability and facilitate folks realize your content.
Therefore, flip your essential keywords into hashtags as a result of because of them, each one of your tweets will appear in the Twitter search for a specific topic and in the
Twitter’s Trends Feed.
However, avoid overusing hashtags for one update as this may look spammy and discourage your potential followers.
It’s best to fritter away to three hashtags for one tweet.
Feel free to feature them at the top of a link to a piece explaining its field or class.

Once in a very whereas, analyze which hashtags bring you the most engagement: clicks, retweets, likes.
Then, optimize your profile by that specialize in the simpler ones.
Review your results victimization Twitter analytics and ascertain what works best for your business.

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

People typically hunt for careful data a few specific topic, therefore whenever you tweet, keep in mind that the additional effort you set in, the additional engagement it’s attending to bring
you in return.
Also, make sure to continuously equip your tweets with totally different media sorts, like links, pictures or videos that allow you to embody far more than one hundred forty characters:

Pro Tip: Prepare a special list of hashtags for any new campaign or event organized by your company.
Make sure that the hashtags square measure branded and use them once you tweet regarding the actual campaign or event.

#2 Optimize Your Profile for SEO

Optimizing your Twitter profile can give you with long-run searchability.
Keeping your username and handle consistent across all of your social channels along with your brand and web site maximizes your findability.

Pro-tip: Avoid exploitation numbers at intervals your username and handle as a result of it would appear spammy to Google.


7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

Technically, it’s straightforward to vary your handle and username at intervals the Twitter settings, however, doing therefore while not a very necessary reason isn’t best.
It might confuse your current followers and ultimately cause you to lose them.
Besides, your verification badge (if you have already got one) are going to be abstracted, too.

Verification badge – a blue “Verified” badge that seems on bound Twitter profiles.
The badge helps Twitter users get true, verified data directly from public figures and business entities:

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

#3 Introduce Yourself

Twitter’s bio is indexed regularly.
Craft it well, assign all of the a hundred and sixty characters to elucidate what tweets your followers could expect from your profile.
Aim for simplicity and be concise.
Emphasize the foremost vital aspects of your experience and keep in mind to market them during a catchy means.

A pinch of humor is usually a decent plan, too. 🙂

Here is Buffer’s Kevan Lee’s well-crafted bio:

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

Also, feel welcome to take a quick look at my modest bio. I’ve crafted it according to the rules given above:
Consider using Twitter’s language like #hashtags and @mentions that play the role of clickable keywords in your bio section.
It’s your golden chance to link to your official web site and build important enhancements to your account’s findability.

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

By the way, Neil Patel mentioned some key ingredients of an ideal Twitter bio in an exceedingly post on the Buffer web log.
Neil writes- make it:

Accurate – your bio ought to embody your short skilled description.

Exciting – write something creative. Try using wording that is not boring.
Targeted – incorporate information about your niche.
Flattering- include one accomplishment.
Humanizing- throw in your hobby.
Intriguing- add one fascinating reality or feature concerning yourself.

Connected to your business’s web site or another social profile.

If you use over one Twitter profile you’ll plow ahead and embody every in each bios.This will modify your followers to maneuver from one to the opposite swimmingly
and help form your group of followers.
The Twitter bio could be a postmodernist form, a chance in one hundred sixty characters or fewer to smartly synopsize one’s skilled and private accomplishments, at the side of a fastidiously altered non-sequitur or 2.
– The New York Times
Here area unit some superb public figures Who don’t would like AN introduction.
Look what they have in their bios:

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

#4 Adjust Your Profile Photo

Before you transfer any profile image, customise the filename: implement relevant keyword or keywords separated by dashes to form them clear for search engines.
This SEO issue doesn’t create the largest impact, however, it’s a part of the SEO direction withal, and therefore the a lot of properly optimized parts there area unit, the stronger the
synergy effect will be.

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

Pro Tip: it’s counseled to use a two hundred x two hundred pixels profile image for a fast and sleek page-load speed.

#5 Link to your website

Including a link to your official web site may be a robust decision to action.
Consider that page would be most acceptable and wherever you wish to send your followers.
There ar lots of choices, however, by SEO standards, most authority sometimes belongs to the most page of your company’s web site, thus this can be attending to be the foremost affordable selection.
In the case of any temporary campaign or event, you’ll continually link to a special landing page

Pro Tip: certify that your web site links back to the Twitter account.
Mutual linking not solely brings additional valuable traffic however additionally provides your profile additional believability within the eyes of Google.

#6 The Retweets Will Double Your Traffic

Retweets ar the foremost effective technique for increasing your reach.
What is additional, not like on Facebook, it’s completely well-seen to arouse retweets and you won’t be fined for victimization this clear decision to action at intervals your updates.
So, feel free to ask for sharing.
Make room for retweets by writing shorter updates.
This way, you may let your retweeters comment and mention individuals within the content they’re sharing.
The optimum length for retweets is fewer than one hundred twenty characters.

#7 Include your social profiles in Search Results

7 Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings in 2019

Specify your most well-liked social profiles, like Twitter or Facebook, to Google and add a markup code to your web site.
Grab a lot of specific info from the Google Developers web site.


This year Google started categorisation Tweets into internet search, thus leverage this chance and optimize your Twitter presence by following these essential Twitter SEO tips I’ve provided inside today’s article.
I hope you’re aiming to notice positive results extremely quickly.

Is your Twitter profile optimized for SEO? What tactics are most effective for you? Do you have any additional tips in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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